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ASIF420 incubates & develops technology driven Cannabis Ventures globally

ASIF420 Global Cannabis Ventures
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We know no borders

ASIF420 fuels global Cannabis Ventures all over the world and take pride in fostering entrepreneurship everywhere. We joined forces with key global leaders to create a unique international platform for the development of cannabinoid-based products. Leveraging Israel’s advanced cannabis development ecosystem to become one of a kind ‘seed to shelf’ business partner.

ASIF420 was founded in 2018 to fulfil one goal: To find great ideas and transform them into successful companies for our investors. Everything we have done—from the culture we have nurtured, the funds we have created and the platform we have built—has been in support of that singular goal.

ASIF420 provides deep strategic network of business and marketing experts to help build cannabis-oriented market-leading companies worldwide. Being at the forefront of digital disruption benefits the network synergies and knowledge share of regional groups in various functional areas.

Regulatory status of cannabis in the top 150 most populated countries on earth

0 %
Fully Regulated

Percentage of countries where cannabis is completely legalised for private use.

0 %
Regulated Medical

Percentage of countries where cannabis is legalised for medical use.

0 %

Percentage of countries where cannabis is decriminalised for private use.

0 %
Not Regulated

Percentage of countries where cannabis is illegal for private and medical use.

Facts & Stats

Based on the ASIF420 Cannabis Ventures Legal Index Report 2021

Our mission is to be the leading data-driven cannabis venture accelerator, focused on wellness solutions grounded in science that deliver superior consumer value

Unique Approach to Cannabis Ventures

ASIF420's team has an outstanding combination of scientific, technological, business and entrepreneurial expertise which are channeled in everything ASIF420 Global Cannabis Ventures does.

Technology Oriented

Technological models enable us to make informed, data-driven decisions and deep analysis. These decisions affect our growth targets, product quantities and investment vehicles that will serve as future engines of growth, creating leadership and competitive differentiation.

Research Driven

We are a research-oriented company that uses technological models that enable leadership and innovation in research. Through them, the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant can be maximised – with specific solutions for Chronic pain patients, Depression syndromes and other neurological diseases.


This approach enables us to create solutions to problems that arise from the field, to implement and test their effectiveness and to make repairs quickly and efficiently, enabling us to identify viable business opportunities with maximum impact and reduce the time gaps in reaching the market.

Collective Genius

A special task requires special people. We had assemble our leading planning and execution expert team from all fields of activity: agriculture, formulation, analysis, regulation, law, commerce, logistics, research, genetics and information technology in order to complete each venture.

Curious & Bold Leadership

We assembled unique team of highly experience professionals to lead our global cannabis ventures out of Tel-Aviv, Berlin and Lesotho. Our senior leadership has an outstanding combination of business, technological, scientific and entrepreneurial expertise.

Tal Arbeli Leads Global Cannabis Ventures

Tal Arbeli

Chief Executive Officer

Nisan Nadel Leads Global Cannabis Ventures

Nitsan Nadal

Chief Business Officer

Gali Hochman Leading Global Cannabis Ventures

Gali Hochman

Chief Operation Officer

Dor Ramon Leads Global Cannabis Ventures

Dor Ramon

Chief Trading Officer

Shiri Efrati Leads Global Cannabis Ventures

Shiri Efrati

Chief People Officer

Nadav Mils Leads Global Cannabis Ventures

Nadav Mills

Chief Technology Officer

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