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Keeping standards high

Sesiu Labs is on a mission to provide Cannabis manufacturers, producers, researchers and creators of products with analytical laboratory insights that utilizes the next generation of smarter, faster, environmentally friendly testing and separation technologies and produce a much broader array of results with greater precision to help understand and improve product development, processing and safety


Industry Experts Lead the Way

Our scientists are leading the charge in cannabis and hemp science. Pooling decades of experience from leading markets such as US, Netherland, Portugal and Germany. Our industry expertise has given us the knowledge and tools required to support R&D and compliance testing in a heavily regulated and ever-changing environment like the global cannabis eco-system.


Quality Equipment for Quality Results

We’ve also taken great pains to pair our scientists with the most modern, high-tech lab equipment and space available, including top-of-the-line front end UHPLC, GC and ICP systems coupled with highly-sensitive mass specs, FID, DAD, and UV detectors. And, through the optimization of very complex sample preparation techniques, we can test any sample matrix you can dream up—flower, tincture, edibles, lotions, beverages, sprays, face masks, apparel, and more. 

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